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Selling Your Home In WInter

Our Top Tips to Make Winter a Great Time to Sell

Winter might not seem like the ideal time to list your property, however, with the right preparations and marketing, winter can be the perfect season to ensure your property hogs the limelight and stands out in the winter market. And of course, make the most out of less competition!

Create a Winter Wonderland

First impressions matter, period. Creating that wow factor the minute a potential buyer approaches your property or views it online can be a "Yes, Maybe or No" instant decision. However, many people assume it's hard to create that "Oh Yes..." moment in winter, but they couldn't be more wrong.

Make an Entrance

Whether your property is hidden away out in the sticks, in town, or in a village or hamlet, you can create a welcoming ambiance before potential buyers have even placed a foot inside your door by styling the approach and front/porch area of your property. 

Flower pots and hanging baskets aren't just for summer

  • Add some colour and greenery with winter bloomers and greenery in hanging baskets and pots.
  • Go for bright and cheery faced winter pansies, primulas, begonias, cyclamen, violas, hellebores, and for greenery, add trailing ivy, dwarf conifers or ferns.
  • Plant early flowering bulbs such as snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils in October for a bright and colourful spring.

Even the smallest garden can look more appealing with a pot, hanging basket or window box. 

Let there be light

  • Add solar LED lights around footpaths and dark areas to make it easier for potential buyers to find you on a dark and gloomy day or evening.
  • Adding tasteful fairy lights can really turn up the wow factor and highlight key features.
  • We also recommend adding a security light by all external doors.

Be a saint with a lick of paint 

  • Front doors, garage doors, windowsills, gates, fences, wooden garden furniture, in fact anything wooden that isn't brand new could benefit from a lick of paint, varnish or creosote.
  • If it's PVC or plastic, give it a good wash instead.
  • And don't forget the spiders! Eek! Spiders love a nice covered porch area to make their own little winter love nests in, so as much as we love the little critters ourselves, if you can't face rehoming them somewhere else, you're going to need a broom or vacuum nozzle to deal with them. 

Mow, rake, sweep, rinse repeat...

  • It's tempting to let the garden go wild in the winter but if you're selling, it's important to keep on top of it. A little time raking before visitors have to wade through ankle deep wet leaves is time well spent. 
  • Patios, paths and footpaths can also become slippery and slimy very quickly in the winter so give them a good sweep or power wash if needed.
  • Salt areas that could ice over in the winter and clear any snow away if necessary. 
  • If you have overhanging brambles, hedging or trees, make sure you cut them back. You may remember to duck, but your visitors won't want to be scratched or concussed on the way up your garden path. 

Be Gutterly grate

No, that isn't a typo, we're talking about gutters and drain grates.

  • Unless you have all the tools and a head for heights, we recommend enlisting the services of a professional gutter clearance company to give yours a good clean and if you haven't already, ask them to install gutter guards while they're at and clean your facias, 
  • Check your overflow and drain grates and make it a regular habit during the autumn when leaves are falling.
  • Blocked drains and gutters can quickly cause issues and if left, can cause  damp in your home (and a potential survey issue).

Sparkling windows

Winter sun is totally unforgiving when it comes to dirty windows. Even the slightest smudge, smear or tiniest droplet of condensation screams "Look at me!", so give them a really good clean, inside and out. 

Set the mood with twilight photography

We're a big fan of twilight photography, especially over the winter. Open your curtains, turn on the lights both inside and out and let your property glow in the moonlight like a safe and welcoming beacon in the dark.

Twilight images are incredibly evocative and inspire a sense of homeliness, seasonal good cheer, and somewhere warm and safe to protect you from the world outside. They're an excellent way to attract attention to your listing and create head turning marketing material.

A Warm Welcome

  • Crank up the heating for a cosy feel as soon as viewers enter, and if you have a fire, real, gas or electric, make sure it's on and glowing beautifully.
  • Have chimneys, and flues swept if you have a real fire or AGA, and it's also a good idea to check gas flues are clear and debris free. 
  • Add plush throws and cushions in living areas and set up the lounge as if you were planning a cozy movie night.
  • Fairy lights in dark corners and scented candles can also help to set the scene and make you home feel warm and welcoming.
  • A roast chicken in the oven or a coffee maker on the go can really make visitors want to linger and imagine themselves living in your home. 

Energy Efficiency

Buyers appreciate sustainability, especially if it could help lower their bills, so highlight any eco-friendly insulation or heating solutions you have fitted, and provide any utility bills that demonstrate energy efficiency.

Listing property in winter might come with its challenges, but it also presents unique opportunities to showcase your home's winter-ready features. By taking the above steps, you not only ensure that your home is prepared for winter but make sure it stands out in the winter market.

Thinking of listing your property this winter? Bespoke Estate Agents is ready to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your home is presented at its very best. Contact us today!

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